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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin

We Bring the Humanities to the Modern World

Do your students like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media programs? Using social media-inspired units, Discourse creates a deeper understanding of course material and context through active student engagement.

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Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

Motivate and Engage Your Students

Students adopt the personas of historical figures or literary characters in a closed social network. Their actions and interactions—creating profiles, determining relationships, writing comments and posting status updates—not only require students to learn facts about their characters' lives, but also to embody their perspectives.

Students role-play through a comprehensive, context-building curricular timeline that unveils through an historical chronology or textual plotline. This immersion leads to greater student engagement and improved retention of information.

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Bloom's Taxonomy

Written responses to Discourse's Breaking News events require students to apply all elements of the taxonomy.

Creating: Posting statuses, messages and events demonstrates the transition to creative application.

Evaluating: Other characters' opposing views challenge students to critically evaluate the differences.

Analyzing: Choosing friends and frenemies along with likes and dislikes encourages students to use their character research to analyze their characters' choices.

Applying: Creating events means recognizing how those gatherings apply to their character.

Understanding: Completing character profiles enables students to understand their character in relation to the unit. Era-appropriate advertisements and primary sources provide an understanding of the material.

Remembering: Interactive headlines help students retain important information.

Created for Students, Designed for Teachers


Manage Your Valuable Time

Are you seeking new technologies and tools to engage your students? Discourse units, available for multiple fields of study, seamlessly integrate into your current curriculum and pedagogy through a comprehensive timeline of events. You can use the standard program settings or easily customize every Discourse unit to fit your classroom needs, creating lesson plans in minutes, not hours:

  • Modify settings to manage timeline breadth & length
  • Maintain inclusive cast of characters, with flexibility to add more
  • Extend units from one week to a full semester
  • Diversify lesson plans - become a facilitator of student learning and growth
  • Assign as classwork, homework or in combination
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Monitor and Evaluate Student Progress

You can easily monitor your students' interactions and progress online through multiple views of all student activity. Innovative supervision and grading features of Discourse provide ease of use and save time through:

  • Monitoring students' online activity
  • Creating activity reports
  • Employing auto-grade for multiple features
  • Using the standard comprehensive grading rubric
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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

- Mark Twain

Immerse yourself as a character in the Second World War or Homer's "The Odyssey" today! You can move through a representative segment of the timeline either individually or invite friends to join you in the closed social media setting. Experience firsthand the fun your students will enjoy!

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