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 If you have not the chance to look at Discourse In Time’s(DiT) Facebook page, it can be seen at  We like to post historic events as a student using DiT might post.  For instance, today we posted a “comment from Hiram Bingham,” an explorer who was the first outsider to find the ruins of Machu Picchu.  Here is what we posted:

Hiram Bingham (July 25, 1911)—This is so exciting! Yesterday I found some amazing ruins which may be Vilcabamba Viejo. The stone buildings are about 50 miles away from Cusco, Peru, and I am calling them Machu Picchu.

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Written on Jul 27, 2017, by Ronda Kelley in Blog

We, at Discourse in Time(DiT), have always thought that in addition to the traditional classroom that DiT would be a great tool for homeschool groups.  It is a good way for students who are located in different locations to interact with one another.

I recently had a nice conversation with a homeschool parent who had some good questions.  It made us think about how DiT works differently when used in a homeschool environment and that we will need to create a homeschool section in our FAQs.  A couple of items came up, and answers to those questions are below.  However, they are not yet based on experience.  We are currently looking for homeschool groups who would like to beta test DiT for free this school year (2016-2017), and we’d love to get input once homeschoolers have tried it.  With that real-life information, we can add a homeschool FAQ section to our website.

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Written on Dec 29, 2016, by Ronda Kelley in Blog

Well, the 2016-2017 school year is about to get underway, and Discourse in Time (DiT) is ready to beta test our program.

Through role-play, DiT uses social media to engage student interest, inspire critical-thinking skills, and bring learning into the 21st century.  Do you students like Facebook, Instagram and other social media programs?  Then they will love DiT!  

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Written on Aug 05, 2016, by Ronda Kelley in Blog

Greetings, fellow Discourse in Time (DiT) enthusiasts! Welcome to our website and, more importantly, welcome to the teaching adventure that is DiT! We have spent years developing this interactive curriculum and are confident you will find it to be a very worthwhile addition to your classroom.

This blog-site will incorporate many different themes over time and we hope you come back to it for ideas, inspiration and smiles. Some of the ideas we are thinking about include historical events of the week, travel to and visiting historic sites, teaching pedagogy with DiT products, among many others.

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Written on Oct 28, 2014, by Dr. Brian DeToy in Blog

Welcome to DiT! I'd like to tell you a little about how we came upon the idea of DiT.

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Written on Oct 15, 2014, by Ronda Kelley in Blog

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