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Discourse in Time and Homeschooling

How many students need to be in the group to use DiT?

There are normally about 25 to 30 characters included in DiT’s history units.  Literary units may not have as many if there are fewer characters in the story.  However, you don’t need to use all of the characters to have a good, interactive experience.  We are guessing that about 10 students would be sufficient.  If there are not that many students in the group, maybe some of the parents can also play characters.  We would suggest that you assign the main characters to the students.

Does one parent need to take a leadership role?

It is best if one of the parents takes responsibility for creating the unit, assigning students to their characters, and making any customizations that you would like.  DiT has an Instructor Site that allows easy monitoring of the students.  The parent who takes that leadership role can keep an eye on the students and provide input if needed.

Are there things that can be done if there is not a big homeschool group?

If none of the parents are interested in playing an entire character, there are things that the adults can do to make the program more interactive for small groups. For instance, one of the features of DiT is a Friend/Frenemy page.  The students will send out Friend requests to the other characters.  If during the setup stage, the lead parent signs up to play several characters he or she can accept the students’ friend requests (Please create different student names for yourself during the setup.).  If that parent would like, he or she can also do things like invite the students to your events and send secret messages to them.

Can students of different ages work together?

Yes, DiT works well for different ages.  Student directions are provided, but they can be changed by the lead parent.  However, there are two places that require a number.  They are the number of and length of responses to the Breaking News events.  We suggest that you focus those numbers to the age of the most students in the group and communicate higher or lower numbers to the other students personally.  Then, expectations for each student’s work can be individualized according to his or her age and ability.

Does the group need to meet in-person sometimes in order to use DiT?

No, there are student directions and lesson plan suggestions included with DiT.  Students can continue to get their content as usual, and then work with the DiT assignments.  The lead parent can determine whether he or she would like to customize the program’s student directions, and they will be available to the students on the Student Site.  The parent can also decide whether to follow the DiT lesson plan suggestions or create his or her own.  The assignments can then be sent to the students at the rate determined by the group.



If you are a homeschool parent who may be interested in using DiT, please feel free to contact us.  We would like to know if there are other questions and would appreciate feedback after the group has used it.

Ronda Kelley
Written on Dec 29, 2016, by Ronda Kelley in Blog

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