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Hiram Bingham posts a comment on DiT's Facebook page


If you have not the chance to look at Discourse In Time’s(DiT) Facebook page, it can be seen at  We like to post historic events as a student using DiT might post.  For instance, today we posted a “comment from Hiram Bingham,” an explorer who was the first outsider to find the ruins of Machu Picchu.  Here is what we posted:

Hiram Bingham (July 25, 1911)—This is so exciting! Yesterday I found some amazing ruins which may be Vilcabamba Viejo. The stone buildings are about 50 miles away from Cusco, Peru, and I am calling them Machu Picchu.

Through Sergeant Carrasco, who trekked with me and spoke Quechua, I asked Melchor Arteaga, an innkeeper and farmer in Mandor Pampa, if he knew of any ruins in the area. He told us that, “… there were some very good ruins in this vicinity. In fact, some excellent ones on top of the opposite mountain, called Huayna Picchu, and on a ridge called Machu Picchu.”

Yesterday, Pampa was kind enough to lead Sergeant Carrasco and me to Huayna Picchu mountain where we met Richarte and Alvarez, who had cleared some old terraces and were farming on them. We followed Pablito, Alvarez’s 11-year-old son, to the ruins. Although mostly obscured by vegetation, the remains of the buildings were remarkable! Some of the main ones were built with excellent quality masonry. I took notes, measurements and pictures of the ruins. Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity to come back. Who knows, maybe someday many people will have the chance to see this remarkable work by the Incas!

Ronda Kelley
Written on Jul 27, 2017, by Ronda Kelley in Blog

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