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Several years ago my good friend Sheryl Shafer and I were talking about how important it is to engage students in their learning while also challenging their critical thinking skills. Sheryl and I have known each other for years, having met when we began working together to create a K-12 school. Our aim with the school was to ensure that each student was able to work at that individual's appropriate level. In some cases that meant that there was some catching up to do; in other situations students advanced several years ahead of their expected grade level.

As we talked, I mentioned an idea that my husband Kevin Kelley had suggested one day when we were talking about education. He felt that students would love learning if they could become personally involved. Kevin's idea was to create an interactive program that engaged students by using a social media platform. Kids love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. What a great idea! After some research and a few years of hard work we now have the DiT product! It's been an amazing process, and we are so excited about the opportunity for kids to use DiT in their learning!

I'd also like to tell you a little about the wonderful team that has worked so hard to create DiT. Brian DeToy Ph.D. is our Chief Historian. We are so fortunate to have him on our team. After 28 years of service in the Army, Brian recently retired and joined DiT. Brian will tell you more about his background, but he spent his last eight military years as a professor in the History and Defense & Strategic Studies departments at West Point. If you have a question about history, Brian is like a living encyclopedia.

Next is Sheryl Shafer who is also Brian's wife. Sheryl will give you more about her professional background in a future blog. However, I'd like to take this opportunity is say how privileged I and DiT are to have Sheryl as a lead in creating this program. She is truly a highly intelligent woman who also has common sense. More importantly, like our other team members, Sheryl has such integrity and a real passion to reach every student and give them the opportunity to excel.

Then there's my wonderful son Colin. How lucky I am to have a son who has both a passion for education and for life! When Colin's not working on DiT, he expands his education by reading more about history. And, he's a great salsa dancer!

And we certainly could not have created DiT without our amazing developers. It's fun to watch Ian Post-Green and Nicole Willson work. They use all of their many and varied experiences in programming to collaboratively find solutions to the assorted issues that arise when you're writing over 150,000 lines of code.

How fortunate I am to have this wonderful team that has gotten together with a goal of creating an interactive program that truly engages students in their learning.

DiT is a family-owned business with good, good people who want students to strive for their best. If our little program can be a part of that educational growth, we will have succeeded.

Best Wishes,
Ronda Kelley

Ronda Kelley
Written on Oct 15, 2014, by Ronda Kelley in Blog

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