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How it Works

Open Your Classroom to a New Interactive Learning Environment

Developed as a supplement, Discourse in Time (DiT) is similar to Facebook in that students log on and “assume the lives” of historical and literary characters. They upload profile pictures, fill out their bios, send friend/frenemy requests, create events, communicate through “secret” messages, and respond in-character to history or literature plot events as they unfold. Some plot event responses are longer to encourage writing skills and standards alignment, and primary sources are included in the history units.

Start a Conversation

Imagine how much your students will learn when they role-play a character first-hand! They will interact with other characters and respond to the innovative curriculum timeline events, enabling greater comprehension of their readings and lectures. Discover how your students can use DiT to have fun while capturing a true, in-depth understanding of the curriculum.

Get Real-Time Feedback

The teacher has full control of the curricular timeline. Therefore, the instructor can speed up or slow down the tempo, take advantage of true "teachable moments," and identify areas to be addressed (whether for the entire class or an individual). Teachers also have the ability to observe individual online work in "real-time” and use features to easily compare what is being posted by a student and compare it to the curriculum.

Put Your Grading On Auto-Pilot

Your time is valuable. We know that. DiT is easy for instructors, yet you can customize it if you choose. And time spent grading is time not spent teaching or preparing. DiT includes several auto-grading features that measure the students' comprehension of the basic facts, thus leaving the instructor to concentrate grading focus on writing and critical thinking.

"I thought it was cool how we could interact with different people from back then, but it wasn't like we were just reading about them. We got to be someone and see through their perspective!"

-6th Grade Student

Learning Doesn't End After the Lecture

Students find DiT to be an amazing learning experience that leads to a thirst for knowledge, and improves comprehension and retention. As a stand-alone curriculum or in combination with classroom lectures and exercises, and assigned readings, DiT becomes a learning multiplier as students fit context and personalities to events. The classroom expands, if the teacher chooses, allowing students to continue to play and learn from the library, home or a myriad other locations.

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Discourse is an innovative and interactive learning experience that engages students & stimulates critical-thinking skills. Do your students like Facebook? They'll love Discourse!

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