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Romeo and Juliet

A tragic tale of love and loss, Romeo and Juliet tells the story of the young and forbidden love shared between the offspring of wealthy rival families. The two lovers first meet at a masquerade, where the concealment of identity allows prejudices to fall and romance to flourish. Upon learning that they are enemies by blood, the pair determine to overcome the insurmountable and are married in secret.

The following day, Romeo rebuffs Tybalt's challenge to a duel, but Mercutio rises to Romeo's defense. In the ensuing fight, Mercutio receives a mortal wound, causing Romeo to kill Tybalt. Incensed by continued violence, the Prince exiles Romeo, but Romeo secretly spends the night with Juliet before departing. Seeing Juliet's despair, and misattributing it to the death of Tybalt, Capulet determines that Juliet will marry Paris as a way for her to rediscover happiness. Seeking any way to escape the coming marriage, Juliet seeks the help of Friar Laurence who advises her to drink a potion which will give her the appearance of death. Then when its affects subside, she will wake up in the Capulet tomb, where Romeo will be waiting. However, news of the plot never reaches Romeo. Instead he learns of Juliet's supposed passing and purchases poison from an apothecary. Visiting Juliet's tomb, Romeo encounters Paris and the two engage in a duel, resulting in Paris' death. Romeo then takes his life by drinking the poison. Juliet, waking up to discover her lover dead, stabs herself. The rival families assemble at the tomb, where Friar Laurence recounts the events. Reacting to his story, both Capulet and Montague vow to have a new era of peace between the families. What the two lovers could not achieve in life, they achieved in death.

Timeline Original play
Grades 6-12
Characters 22
Number of Timeline Events 38
Duration 2 weeks to 1 semester

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Sample Timeline Events

Unit Personas

1. Romeo 5. Capulet
2. Juliet 6. Laurence
3. Tybalt 7. Montague
4. Mercutio 8. Paris

Each Discourse unit provides an interactive, social media platform and accompanying curriculum to create a collaborative and entertaining educational experience.

Each unit includes the following:

  • Unit overview
  • 30-40 characters for students to role-play
  • Timeline Events that not only focus on the relevant events of the unit in study, but also encompass the cultural and broader events of the time period, thus providing context for the unit
  • Breaking News events with original source documents
  • Profile information about each character (teacher only)
  • Page for students to determine their relationships to each other character in the unit (auto-graded)
  • Period-relevant items for students to Like or Dislike based on their character (auto-graded)
  • Opportunity for students to create events and send private messages while role-playing their character
  • Advertisements appropriate for the time period; some include original video or music
  • Grading matrix for the role-playing (auto-completed as applicable)
  • A game-like trophy system that awards student progress
  • Teacher product instructions
  • Student use instructions
  • Teachers have access to the Discourse unit and students’ work for one year after the initial set-up date.
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